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Spiral welded pipe plasma cutting dust treatment (1)
2018-10-26 14:28:33

Plasma will produce a large amount of metal vapor, ozone, and nitrogen oxide fumes during the cutting process, which will seriously pollute the surrounding environment. The key to solving the soot problem is how to inject all the plasma dust into the dust removal equipment to prevent air pollution.

For plasma cutting of spiral welded pipe, the difficulty of dust removal is:

1. When the nozzle of the plasma gun is cut, the air is blown out in two opposite directions at the same time, so that the smoke emerges from both ends of the welded pipe, and the suction port installed in one direction of the welded pipe is difficult to recover the smoke well.

2. The cold air around the suction port enters the suction port from the outside of the machine and the air volume is large, so that the total amount of smoke and cold air in the welded pipe is larger than the effective air volume sucked by the dust collector, so that the complete absorption of the cutting dust becomes impossible.

3. Since the cutting part is far away from the dust suction inlet, the wind reaching the suction port is difficult to pulsate the dust.

To this end, the design principles of the vacuum hood are:

1. The air volume inhaled by the dust collector should be greater than the amount of smoke generated by plasma cutting and the total air inside the pipe. It should be a certain amount of negative pressure chamber inside the welded pipe, and the outside air should be prevented from entering the welded pipe as much as possible. Dust the smoke into the dust collector.

2. Block the smoke at the position after the cutting point of the welded pipe. At the suction port, try to avoid the cold air entering the inside of the welded pipe. Form a negative pressure chamber in the inner space of the welded pipe so that the smoke does not emerge. The key is to design the facility to block the smoke. It is reliable and does not affect normal production and is easy to use.

3. The shape and installation location of the suction port. The suction port must be used to suck more smoke inside the welded pipe into the pipe to achieve the effect. A baffle is placed at the position after the plasma gun cutting point to keep the smoke inside the welded pipe, and after a period of buffering, it can be completely sucked out.

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