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Production method of straight seam welded pipe
2018-10-26 14:51:28

Application range Straight seam welded pipe diameter range is 406~1600mm, even larger under special circumstances, the ratio of pipe wall thickness to pipe diameter is about 0.06~0.08. Foreign modern pipe making technology can produce welded pipes with wall thickness up to 100mm.

There are only a few methods for producing straight seam welded pipes by steel plates or steel strips in the industry. The difference in principle is that in the forming method of the welded pipes, the subsequent processing of the welded pipes after forming is basically the same. The forming method depends in principle on the distribution of the welded seams of the welded pipes. The welded pipes are divided into two basic forms according to the distribution of the welded joints: straight welded pipes and spiral welded pipes. Correspondingly, the production of welded pipes is divided into the production of straight welded pipes and the production of spiral seam pipes. The most widely used welding method for straight seam welded pipe and spiral seam pipe is submerged arc welding (SAW), which has good quality, high productivity, mature technology and stability.

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